Disability ≠ Disabled

We envision a society that values people for their differences. We believe that leveraging on diversity in the workplace not only benefits organisations but also empowers persons with disabilities (PWDs) by providing them with gainful employment. 

We work towards empowering PWDs in the workplace by promoting inclusive mindsets for employers, improving the self-confidence of PWDs as well as creating spaces that include everyone.

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What We Do

Diversity in the corporate environment is important but leveraging that power has its challenges. TomoWork aims to demonstrate how we can empower people with disabilities (PWDs) & foster greater inclusion in the workplace. This groundbreaking initiative brings together PWDs, employers and a wide range of stakeholders to work on this complicated issue of inclusive employment. 

Through a 12-week Talent Accelerator Programme, currently unemployed PWDs gain better understanding of their talents & abilities to secure better job opportunities. Not only embarking on a journey of greater self-discovery, our members also work on a variety of corporate projects to equip them with valuable work experience. 

Since September 2019, we have worked with both local enterprises and multinational corporations including BP, CapitaLand, Foreword Coffee, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft & Pope Jai Thai. Our work is not possible without the support of community partners such as SPD & SG Enable.

Why TomoWork

Tomo means ‘friends’ in Japanese. We chose TomoWork to represent the strong friendship & partnership between Japan & Singapore. 

TomoWork is led by Sumitomo Life Insurance, a leading Japanese insurance company, and supported by Hide & Seek, a Singapore-based social enterprise.

The name ‘TomoWork’ also has a secondary meaning, closely resembling that of Masatomo Sumitomo, the founder of Sumitomo Life Insurance. 

This is our story of TomoWork.

Management Team
Photo of Mike Momota
Mike Momota
Founder, TomoWork
Photo of Cindy Chng
Cindy Chng
Photo of Yoshi Mitsui
Yoshi Mitsui
Photo of Eddie Edakawa
Eddie Edakawa
Team Lead
Lead Organiser
Established in 1907, Sumitomo Life is one of the leading life insurance companies with more than 100 years of history and a strong financial base. Net premiums amount to $26 billion (FY2017) with a more than 30 thousand strong sales force. Total assets are $339 billion.

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Singapore Partner
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An inclusive management consulting company established in 2019 to improve the quality of life for marginalised communities, Hide & Seek works closely with Sumitomo Life Insurance to co-develop TomoWork. Hide & Seek is a registered member of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprises (raiSE).

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TomoWork is an initiative built on empowering Persons with Disabilities in the workplace by encouraging companies to embrace diversity & promote inclusive employment. Led by Sumitomo Life Insurance, a leading Japanese insurer, in collaboration with Hide & Seek, a local social enterprise & member of raiSE.

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