TomoWork's Talent Accelerator Programme

TomoWork encourages employers to leverage on diversity in the workplace & empowers Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to achieve gainful employment. Through the Talent Accelerator Programme, we offer the opportunity for unemployed PWDs to gain better understanding of their talents through exciting corporate-sponsored projects & learning experiences to secure better job opportunities in the digital sector.

After launching TomoWork in September 2019, we have completed two batches of our Talent Accelerator Programme. As of April 2020, we have 30 graduates & achieved an employment rate of 25%*.

Explore, Experiment and Employ!

*The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has limited our ability to introduce our community with employment opportunities.

Our Approach

We are looking for 15 to 30 persons with disabilities for this programme. During this 12-week program, you will have access to exciting learning, mentoring & networking opportunities. 

On top of that, you will also be exposed to various projects that will provide you with critical business & work experience, under the guidance of corporate sponsors.

Research on How Digital Tools can Enhance Existing Services

A global healthcare company wanted deeper insight into global senior executives’ talent landscape. The team conducted the research by building a database from various data sources, performed data analysis using Microsoft Excel & visualised the results with Tableau.

Developing a New Product (UI/UX Design)

Our sponsor, Sumitomo Life Insurance wanted to build an innovative employment platform for both corporates & persons with disabilities. The team mapped customer journeys, developed unique functionalities including an accessible user interface & created a prototype of the platform using Figma.

Coming Soon!

Our third accelerator will run in March 2021, in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic. If you are looking to be a participant, corporate partner or mentor, click below to find out more!

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For Participants

We are looking for new talents with sensory and/or physical disabilities with digital skills and expertise. Other types of disabilities may be considered on a case by case basis. If in doubt, get in touch with us!

What Are Considered Digital Roles?

Research & Analytics
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Visualisation Analyst
  • Finance Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
Digital Technology
  • Cybersecurity Executive
  • Database Administrator
  • Mobile App Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Platform Development Executive
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Analytics Executive
  • Web Designer
Digital Marketing
  • Content Executive
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • E-Commerce Executive
  • Graphics Designer
  • Social Media Executive
  • Video Content Creator
  • Communications Executive
  • Agile Team Executive
  • Community Innovation Executive
  • Digital Transformation Executive
  • Innovation Executive
  • Sustainability Innovation Executive

Who Are We Looking For?

Academic Background
  • Current students of Temasek Polytechnic, or those graduating in May 2021
  • Recent Temasek Polytechnic alumni seeking digital roles
  • Pursued a course of study in a digital field
  • Having prior internship experience in the digital sector is a bonus
Leadership, Communication & Team Skills
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in school, community, sports, or other fields
  • Willingness & openness to communicate effectively
  • Collaborative team players who treat others with respect
  • Strong career aspiration

Note: Those from non-digital skills backgrounds are also welcome to apply.

How to Apply?

The selection will take place on a rolling basis, beginning from January 2021. All applications are to be submitted through respective offices in polytechnics or universities.

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For Corporates

Corporate projects & mentorship are integral components in this programme to allow PWDs opportunities to further develop their skills & gain accelerated business experience. We are actively seeking corporate partners to provide such opportunities. 

Corporate Projects


Ideally includes digital aspects that allow PWDs to learn & make use of digital skills. It can be new product / service development, or an improvement of existing products / services.


The teams will deliver the agreed-upon output to the corporate sponsor & also present their project at the demo day towards the programme’s end.


A minimum of three touchpoints.

  • At the commencement of the accelerator programme to brief the project team & set expectations;
  • A midway check-in for the team to update on their progress;
  • At the project’s conclusion for the team to present to the sponsor, as well as to participate in demo day.

Note: Corporate project sponsors do not need to provide working space for the teams.

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For Independent Mentors

If your organisation is not sponsoring a corporate project but is keen to explore mentoring opportunities, we are looking for two other types of mentors:

Industry Mentors

To share industry knowledge and advice, e.g. jobs, roles & career paths to PWDs who are aspiring to enter the industry.

Personal Development Mentors

To help self-development, especially in the areas of soft skills such as communication & leadership. 

These mentoring sessions may be conducted in an individual or group setting on a regular basis. If you and/or your organisation are interested in any of these collaboration opportunities, please get in touch with us!