Our Approach

We are currently looking for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) enrolled in polytechnics in Singapore. In this 4-week programme, participants will explore various career paths together with like-minded peers & have access to flexible learning tracks to learn more about in-demand skills while receiving mentorship under professionals. On top of that, participants will have an opportunity to participate in the Inclusive Champion Competition & win attractive prizes. 

A graduation ceremony to award certificates for the completion of the programme will be held on the last day of the programme.

A illustration of how Talent Explorer Programme works. Week 1 is career fundamentals. Week 2 and 3 are learning tracks. Week 4 is mentoring & certifications. A Inclusive Champion Competition is optional.

What Does This Programme Offer?

Programme schedule from week 1 to 4. Week 1 consists of orientation, career fundamentals & networking. Week 2 consists of learning track A (intro to digital marketing) and B (intro to sustainability). Week 3 consists of learning track C (intro to digital analyst) & D (intro to talent management). Week 4 consists of mentoring, certifications. On bottom, inclusive champion competition with pitch day at week 4 as an optional.

*The learning schedule in week 2 & 3 is flexible, based on the preferences & availability of participants. One learning track to be chosen at minimum.

Career Fundamentals (Week 1)

This will include sessions for participants to understand the latest employment trends in Singapore & explore various in-demand job roles based on their career interests. Participants could also gain more insights through networking sessions with digital industry professionals.

Flexible Learning Tracks (Week 2 & 3)

These learning tracks, provided by leading companies, will take up to 2 weeks of the programme based on the participants’ learning choices. Participants could pick up to four learning tracks (one learning track to be chosen at minimum) in week 2 & 3. 

Professionals from industries of the four learning tracks will be invited to share their experiences & provide career advice to heighten participants’ learning experiences.

Track A - Introduction to Digital Marketing

This track offers introductory courses about digital marketing skills & is recommended for the participants who aspire to explore the digital marketing sector. 

Track B - Introduction to Sustainability

This track enables students to learn the fundamentals of sustainability, including key concepts & is recommended for participants who aspire to build their careers in the area of sustainability.

Track C - Introduction to Data Analytics

This track equips participants with transferrable data analytic skills & is recommended for participants who aspire to become data professionals (e.g. data analyst). 

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Track D - Introduction to Talent Management

This track provides introductory sessions about talent management strategies as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). It is recommended for participants who aspire to build an inclusive workplace through the Human Resources function. 

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Career Mentorship (Week 4)

Participants will be mentored by professionals with & without disabilities who will provide participants with insights on the industry they aspire to work in & their career paths.

Sumitomo Life Inclusive Innovation Competition (Optional)

Participants may also choose to participate in the Sumitomo Life Inclusive Innovation Competition. There will be four challenges related to each of the learning tracks, which will be released in week 1 & due upon the completion of each learning track (either end of week 2 or 3). In the case that a participant chooses to embark on multiple learning tracks, they may select one challenge that suits their interest.  Those competing will be required to present their solutions during Pitch Day, the last day of the TomoWork Talent Explorer Programme.

  • Sumitomo Life Inclusive Innovation Awards of S$300 for the first place of each challenge 
  • Challenger Awards of S$100 for the second & third place of each challenge   
  • Vouchers for certification courses/exams from leading companies (e.g. Facebook Designated Market Area (DMA) & Tableau desktop specialist exam)
  • Internship opportunity with TomoWork for the top three participants from the batch of September 2021 Talent Explorer Programme with best performances
  • Preferential Admission to the TomoWork Talent Accelerator Programme in early 2022

How Does This Programme Work?

This programme will be conducted completely virtual.

Are You the Right Fit?

Academic Background

  • Current polytechnic students & recent graduates with Special Educational Needs (SEN) & are seeking to explore jobs in the future of work
  • Able to attend at least 80% of the programme 
  • Enrolment in a diploma programme related to the digital sector is an advantage, but not necessary

Soft Skills

  • Demonstrated leadership skills in school, community, sports, or other fields
  • Willingness & openness to communicate effectively
  • Collaborative team players who treat others with respect
  • Has strong career aspirations

Applications are Now Open Until 31 August 2021!

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please click here. If you still have any questions on the programme or difficulty accessing content, please contact hello@hideandseek.work. TomoWork will strive to provide the content you need in the format you require.